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University of Manitoba scholarships to Terik community becomes a reality

As per the promise he made at Kapsengere Primary school on 27th January 2010, Professor David Barnard, the President and Vice Chancellor of University of Manitoba has effected the sports scholarships to Terik community to begin during the 2011/2012 academic year. The award dubbed Mentoring International Leadership Excellence through Sports (MILES) will be a collaborative venture between the Financial Aid and Awards office and the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management of the University of Manitoba, and the Canada Swahili Institute Inc, a nonprofit organization promoting exchange programs between Canada and Africa. The award amount of Canadian dollars 20,000 per year (Kshs 1.8 Million) for 12 years will support a total of three students to pursue their full undergraduate studies leading to sports management degrees.
“This is fantastic” exclaimed Mr. Mark Ragor, The Chairman of TEPAD” this is the first time a university has come down to the grassroots to provide scholarships to rural communities in this country. We hear of scholarships being dished out in high storied buildings in Nairobi and very little or none drop down to villages like ours where real wars on poverty and disease are fought”.
He assured the University of Manitoba that TEPAD will pick its best to compete for the scholarship.

Mr. William Tanui, a 1992 Olympic Gold medallist and the community’s sports ambassador welcomed the sports scholarships and hope that other universities-especially local ones, could emulate the University of Manitoba “I don’t think that our local universities are so poor that they cannot afford to provide even one athletic scholarship per year to our sports talented youth.”


Professor David Barnard when he made the announcement for the award to Terik at Kapsengere Primary school on 27th January 2010. Jubilant Terik school children perform song and dance to Prof. Barnard team Starting from the grassroots: Prof Jeniffer Mctavish , an Associate Dean of University of Manitoba checks out the starting line for a soccer match at Kapsengere as Prof. Barnard (with ball) waits to start the kick-off. Looking on is Dr. Peter Bukhala (right) of Faculty of Sports, Kenyatta University

Top Terik KCPE student admitted to Maseno School

Last year’s top Terik student in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Mr. Bildad Kibet of Soi Primary School has been admitted to Maseno School, one of the top national schools in Kenya. Mr. Kibet (Pictured) scored an impressive mark of 378 points out of a total of 500 in the national Examinations. Kibet was the top student out of the 146 pupils in Terik who sat the national examinations last year .“This is the first time in very many years that we have got a student from Terik accepted to a National School”, Said Mark Ragor, Chairman of TEPAD, as he congratulated Kibet and Soi Primary school for the feat.

With this exemplary performance, Kibet earned himself the Dr. Ian Maclean Scholarship for secondary education. The scholarship is donated to Terik by Dr. Ian Maclean of University of Manitoba Canada. It pays for tuition and boarding fees for the entire 4 years of secondary education for the top student in KCPE from all the seven Terik schools combined.
“I am very thankful to Dr. Ian Maclean and TEPAD for coming to our support” said Mr. Noah Kimeli Mutai, Bildad Kibet’s father. “I wouldn’t have managed to fund the education of my son in such a prestigious institution like Maseno”. Mr. Mutai is a part time casual worker at Moi Referal Hospital in Eldoret while Bildad’s mother- Emily Jeptarus Mutai, is a housewife.
Meanwhile the teachers and school committee of Soi Primary School continued to receive congratulations from the entire community for their discipline and dedication to duty that resulted in their school’s good performance at the national examinations. Soi lead Terik schools with a mean score of 277.26 followed by Kapsengere at 273.3.


Top Terik KCPE student addmited to Maseno School.

Terik teachers on an Exchange visit to Japan