Terik teachers on an Exchange visit to Japan

Two teachers from Terik have completed a successful one week tour of schools in Japan as part of an exchange program between Terik schools and Elementary schools in Kanazawa City, of Ishikawa Prefecture. The teachers, Gladys Jelagat, the Headteacher of Chepkurgung primary School and Dr. Ruth Tubey, a lecturer of Moi University and coordinator of the TEPAD education program were warmly received in Japan. Gladys and Ruth gave talks to students and teachers at Moriyamacho, Asahi and Furuashi Elementary schools on the education system in Kenya and brought them letters and photographs written by Terik schoolchildren. The Japan counterparts introduced the Kenyans to the Japan system of education and identified areas that they can collaborate in. On avisit to JICA office in kanazawa City, the Terik group thanked JICA for supporting the exchange program between Terik school children and Japan school children which was a very popular program not only in Terik schools but the Japan schools as well. The schools visit was coordinated by Professor Hiroshi Ichimura of Hokuriku Africa Association and Prof. Maritim Songok, of TEPAD Kenya.

Dr. Songok, Dr. Ruth Tubey and Mrs. Gladys Chelagat are recieved at the JICA office in Japan. They are entertained by young Japanese students. Mrs Gladys Chelagat gives a brief history of the Terik community and the achievements made as tepad.
She introduces the young japanese students to the kenyan clap (A way of saying thank you) after the presentation.