About the program

In year 2000, the United Nations Education and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) declared the Terik as one of the world communities in serious danger of extinction and placed it in the Red Book of endangered cultures. The dwindling number of Terik language speakers, poverty and disease have combined to drive the community to extinction. Though these maladies threaten other communities in the region as well, the Terik in particular feel vulnerable. That their fewer numbers, unlike that of their more populous neighbors, will have a lesser chance of withstanding the onslaughts of famines and epidemics.

Hence following the publication of the UNESCO report, surviving members in 2001 initiated a community based organization later renamed Terik Essential Programs Agency for Development (TEPAD), to lead in providing solutions for the survival of the community. TEPAD’s main objectives has been to support the compulsory education of all children from the community, improve facilities and conditions for provision of quality education in Terik schools, promote the teaching of Terik language , provide secondary school and university scholarships and promote public health and cultures that minimize risk of infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS.


Terik teachers on an Exchange visit to Japan

The numbers are out: Terik is the 5th larget Kalenjin community.